Atrium, Cardiff

CF24 2FN

Campus accessibility: the Cardiff campus is entirely flat and fully accessible.

Ground floor
Name Room Type Capacity
CAA001 Office
CAA001A Reception
CAA001B Office
CAA002 Office
CAA003 Office
CAA004 Changing Room
CAA005 Changing Room
CAA006 Kitchen Store
CAA007 Library
CAA007A Quiet Study Room
CAA008 Advice Zone & Reception
CAA009 Equipment Store
CAA010 Office
CAA011 Meeting Room
CAA012 Meeting Room
CAA013 Meeting Room
CAA014 Meeting Room
CAA015 Meeting Room
CAA016 Meeting Room
CAA018 Office
CAA019 Comms Room
CAA040 Room
CAA041 Room
CAAZ01 The Street — Social Learning Space
CAB001 Café @ Atrium — Café
CAB002 Kitchen
CAB002A Office
CAB002B Equipment Store
CAB002C Lobby
CAB003 Equipment Store
CAB004 Theatre/Cinema & Lecture Theatre
CAB005 Social Learning Space
CAB007 Men's Toilet
CAB008 Disabled Toilet
CAB009 Cleaners' Room
CAB010 Women's Toilet
CAB011 Switch Room
CAB012 Plant Room
CAB013 TV Production Suite
CAB013A Sound Lock
CAB013B Equipment Store
CAC001 Women's Toilet
CAC002 Disabled Toilet
CAC003 Men's Toilet
CAC004 Cleaners' Room
CAC005 Equipment Store
CAC006 Mingle @ Atrium — Café
CAC007 Kitchen
CAC007A Office
CAC008 Kitchen Store
CAC009 Equipment Store
CAD001 TV & Film Set Design Studio
CAD001A Equipment Store
CAD002 TV & Film Set Design Studio
CAD003 Office
CAD004 Office
CAD005 Media Equipment Loans Office
CAD006 Dance studio
CAD007 Cleaners' Room
CAD008 Animation Model Making Room
CAD009 Fabrication Workshop
CAD011 Female Changing Room
CAD012 Unisex Toilet
CAD013 Unisex Toilet
CAD014 Cleaners' Room
CAD015 Disabled Toilet
CAZ20 Power Transformer Room
CAZ22 Switchgear Room
CAZ23 Gas Meter Room
First floor
Name Room Type Capacity
CAA100 Disabled Toilet
CAA101 Video Editing Studio 26
CAA102 Audio Editing Studio 20
CAA104 Computer Lab 26
CAA105 Men's Toilet
CAA105A Kitchen
CAA106 Women's Toilet
CAA107 Audio Editing Studio 20
CAA109 Computer Lab 20
CAA110 Electronics Studio 20
CAA111 Workshop
CAA112 Computer Games Lab 30
CAA113 Comms Room
CAA115 Computer Games Lab 30
CAA117 Office
CAA118 Office 25
CAA118A Render Farm & Print room
CAA118B Render Farm
CAA118C Computer Lab
CAA119 Computer Games Lab
CAA120 Comms Room
CAA121 Office
CAA122 Finishing & Dubbing Suite & Computer Lab
CAA123 Computer Games Lab
CAA130 Room
CAA131 Room
CAB101 Wardrobe
CAB102 Dressing Room
CAB103 Dressing Room
CAB104 Recording/Performance Control Room
CAB104A Room
CAB105 Equipment Store
CAB106 Room
CAB107 Office
CAB108 Men's Toilet
CAB109 Women's Toilet
CAB110 Cleaners' Room
CAB111 Disabled Toilet
CAB112 Recording/Performance Control Room
CAB112A Sound Lock
CAB112B Equipment Store
CAB112C Equipment Store
CAC100 The Zen Bar — Students' Union Bar
CAC102 Office
CAC103 Idea Factory — Room
CAC104 Students' Union Shop — Shop
CAC105 Students' Union Bar
CAC106 Men's Toilet
CAC107 Kitchen
CAC108 Disabled Toilet
CAC109 Comms Room
CAC110 Cleaners' Room
CAC111 Kitchen Store
CAC112 Women's Toilet
CAC113 Plant Room
CAD101 Presentation Room
CAD102 Kitchen
CAD103 Interior Design Studio
CAD104 Interior Design Studio
CAD105 Design Studio
CAD106 Office
CAD107 Dance studio
CAD108 Office
CAD109 Drama Rehearsal Studio
CAD110 Office
CAD111 Drama Rehearsal Studio
CAD112 Male Changing Room
CAD113 Unisex Toilet
CAD114 Unisex Toilet
CAD115 Disabled Toilet
Second floor
Name Room Type Capacity
CAA200 Disabled Toilet
CAA201 Office
CAA202 Computer Lab
CAA203 Computer Lab
CAA204 Computer Lab & Teaching room
CAA205 Men's Toilet
CAA205A Kitchen
CAA206 Women's Toilet
CAA207 Darkroom
CAA208A Darkroom
CAA208B Darkroom
CAA211 Audio Editing Studio
CAA212 Equipment Store
CAA214 Video Editing Studio
CAA215 TV Newsroom
CAA216 Broadcast Journalism Suite
CAA217 Equipment Store
CAA218 Broadcast Journalism Suite
CAA219 Office
CAA220 Office
CAA221 Office
CAA222 Office
CAA223 Office
CAA224 Video Editing Studio
CAA225 Office
CAA226 Comms Room
CAA227 Finishing & Dubbing Suite
CAA228 Media Editing Suite
CAA240 Room
CAA241 Room
CAB201 Live/Practice Music Room
CAB201A Sound Lock
CAB201B Recording/Performance Control Room
CAB202 Recording/Performance Control Room
CAB203 Live/Practice Music Room
CAB203A Sound Lock
CAB204 The Stephen Perry Studio — Recording/Performance Control Room
CAB205 Theatre/Cinema & Lecture Theatre
CAB206 Office
CAB207 Practice Room
CAB208 Office
CAB209 Equipment Store
CAB210 Practice Room
CAB211 Musical Equipment Collection and Return Room
CAB212 Men's Toilet
CAB213 Disabled Toilet
CAB214 Cleaners' Room
CAB215 Women's Toilet
CAB216 Comms Room
CAB216A Office
CAB218 Theatre Practice Studio
CAB218A Sound Lock
CAB218B Equipment Store
CAB218C Equipment Store
CAD201 Illustration Studio
CAD201A Equipment Store
CAD202 Illustration Studio
CAD203 Print Finishing Studio
CAD204 Open Creative Space
CAD205 Image Capture Studio
CAD206 Photographic Studio
CAD207 Office
CAD208 Photographic Studio
CAD209 Office
CAD210 Life Drawing Studio
CAD210A Equipment Store & Changing Room
CAD211 Unisex Toilet & Disabled Toilet
Third floor
Name Room Type Capacity
CAA300 Disabled Toilet
CAA301 Computer Animation Studio
CAA302 Motion Capture Suite
CAA303 Computer Animation Studio
CAA304 Men's Toilet
CAA305 Women's Toilet
CAA306 Stop Motion Capture Studio
CAA307 VFX & Motion Graphics Studio
CAA308 Equipment Store
CAA309 Equipment Store
CAA310 Equipment Store
CAA312 Office
CAA313 Green Screen Capture Studio
CAA313A Comms Room
CAA314 Animation Studio
CAA315 Office
CAA316 VFX & Motion Graphics Studio
CAA317 Animation & VFX Studio
CAA318 Office
CAA319 Comms Room
CAA320 Stop Motion Capture Studio
CAA321 Animation Studio
CAA330 Room
CAA331 Room
CAB301 Live Music Room
CAB301A Sound Lock
CAB301B Recording/Performance Control Room
CAB302 Recording/Performance Control Room
CAB303 Live Music Room
CAB303A Sound Lock
CAB304 Gus Dudgeon Studio — Recording/Performance Control Room
CAB305 Office
CAB305A Recording/Performance Control Room
CAB306 Room
CAB307 Voice Over Studio
CAB308 Radio Studio
CAB309 Men's Toilet
CAB310 Disabled Toilet
CAB311 Cleaners' Room
CAB312 Women's Toilet
CAB313 Recording/Performance Control Room
CAB313A Radio Studio
CAB313B Radio Studio
CAB314 Recording/Performance Control Room
CAB314A Sound Lock
CAB314B Technical Resources Room
CAB314C Equipment Store
CAD301 Graphics Studio
CAD301A Kitchen
CAD302 Graphics Studio
CAD303 Office
CAD304 Open Creative Space
CAD305 Design Studio
CAD306 Advertising Studio
CAD307 Office
CAD308 Teaching room
CAD309 Office
CAD310 Unisex Toilet & Disabled Toilet