Pavilion, USW Sport Park

CF37 5UP

Campus accessibility: the USW Sport Park campus is entirely flat and fully accessible.

Ground floor
Name Room Type Capacity
SPP008 Office
SPP009 Unisex Toilet
SPP011 Women's Toilet
SPP012 Women's Toilet
SPP015 Equipment Store
SPP016 Female Changing No.4 — Female Changing Room
SPP017 Female Referee Changing Room
SPP018 Female Changing No.3 — Female Changing Room
SPP019 Female Changing No.2 — Female Changing Room
SPP020 Female Changing No.1 — Female Changing Room
SPP021 Office
SPP023 Vending Machine Area
SPP024 Cleaners' Room
SPP025 Men's Toilet
SPP026 Male Changing No.1 — Male Changing Room
SPP027 Male Changing No.2 — Male Changing Room
SPP028 Male Changing No.3 — Male Changing Room
SPP029 Male Changing No.4 — Male Changing Room
SPP030 Male Changing No.5 — Male Changing Room
SPP032 All bookings for ATP & 3G pitches — Male Changing Room
SPP033 Men's Toilet
SPP034 Men's Toilet
SPP035 Mess Room
SPP036 Male Staff Changing Room
SPP037 Male Referee Changing Room
SPP038 First Aid Room
SPP039 Cleaners' Room
SPP040 Male Changing No.10 — Male Changing Room
SPP041 Male Changing No.9 — Male Changing Room
SPP042 Male Changing No.8 — Male Changing Room
SPP043 Male Changing No.7 — Male Changing Room
SPP044 Male Changing No.6 — Male Changing Room
SPP046 Electrical Cupboard
SPP047 Boiler Room
SPP048 Laundry
SPP049 Fertilizer Store
SPP050 Equipment Store
SPP051 Equipment Store
SPP052 Equipment Store
First floor
Name Room Type Capacity
SPP101 Office
SPP102 Office
SPP103 Office
SPP104 Kitchen