These are all the Kitchens across our campuses.

Name Capacity 360° Photo Floor Building Campus
ATAL009 Ground Accommodation Reception Treforest
ATHL03 Lower Ground The Hub Treforest
CAA105A First Atrium Cardiff
CAA205A Second Atrium Cardiff
CAA401A Fourth Atrium Cardiff
CAB002 Ground Atrium Cardiff
CAC007 Ground Atrium Cardiff
CAC107 First Atrium Cardiff
CAD102 First Atrium Cardiff
CAD301A Third Atrium Cardiff
CAD401A Fourth Atrium Cardiff
DCB2101A First B2 Dubai
GTAB114 First Aneurin Bevan Lower Glyntaff
GTAW028 Ground Alfred Russel Wallace Upper Glyntaff
GTBK002 Ground Professor Bernard Knight Upper Glyntaff
GTEM129 First Elaine Morgan Lower Glyntaff
GTGK106 First George Knox Upper Glyntaff
GTL002A Ground Library & Student Centre (LSC) Glyntaff Lower Glyntaff
GTTS009 Ground Tramsheds Lower Glyntaff
NCCCA02 A City Campus Newport City
NCCCA02A A City Campus Newport City
NCCCAM12 AM City Campus Newport City
NCCCB13 B City Campus Newport City
NCCCB13A B City Campus Newport City
NCCCB14 B City Campus Newport City
NCCCB14A B City Campus Newport City
NCCCB15 B City Campus Newport City
NCCCC32D C City Campus Newport City
NCCCD27F D City Campus Newport City
NCCCE15 E City Campus Newport City
NCCCE23A E City Campus Newport City
SPP104 First Pavilion USW Sport Park
SPSC005 Ground Sports Centre USW Sport Park
SPSC134 First Sports Centre USW Sport Park
SPWH03 Ground Warden's House USW Sport Park
TR1LR003 Ground 1 Llantwit Road Treforest
TR2FG005 Ground 2 Forest Grove Treforest
TR3FG004 Ground 3 Forest Grove Treforest
TR3LR006 Ground 3 Llantwit Road Treforest
TR4FG104 First 4 Forest Grove Treforest
TR5FG004 Ground 5 Forest Grove Treforest
TR6FG004 Ground 6 Forest Grove Treforest
TR7FG004 Ground 7 Forest Grove Treforest
TR8FG015 Ground 8 Forest Grove Treforest
TR8FG026 Ground 8 Forest Grove Treforest
TR8FG112 First 8 Forest Grove Treforest
TRB032 Ground Brecon Treforest
TRB104 First Brecon Treforest
TRB128 First Brecon Treforest
TRB205 Second Brecon Treforest
TRC102 First Cynon Treforest
TRCC005A Ground Conference Centre Treforest
TRD128A First Dyffryn Treforest
TRD205 Second Dyffryn Treforest
TRE007 Ground Eynon Treforest
TRF011A Ground Ferndale Treforest
TRF020 Ground Ferndale Treforest
TRF036 Ground Ferndale Treforest
TRF135 First Ferndale Treforest
TRF140 First Ferndale Treforest
TRF152 First Ferndale Treforest
TRF235 Second Ferndale Treforest
TRF240 Second Ferndale Treforest
TRF335 Third Ferndale Treforest
TRF340 Third Ferndale Treforest
TRF352 Third Ferndale Treforest
TRF435 Fourth Ferndale Treforest
TRF440 Fourth Ferndale Treforest
TRF452 Fourth Ferndale Treforest
TRH015 Ground Hirwaun Treforest
TRH111 First Hirwaun Treforest
TRH215 Second Hirwaun Treforest
TRJ120 First Johnstown Treforest
TRJ244 Second Johnstown Treforest
TRJ308D Third Johnstown Treforest
TRJ347 Third Johnstown Treforest
TRJ405 Fourth Johnstown Treforest
TRJ435 Fourth Johnstown Treforest
TRL003 Ground Library and Student Centre Treforest
TRL226A Second Library and Student Centre Treforest
TRMH014 Ground The Meeting House Treforest
TRPC001C Ground Play Centre (Childcare Services) Treforest
TRSP120B First Treforest Sports Centre Treforest
TRST011 Ground Stilts Treforest
TRST012 Ground Stilts Treforest
TRST019 Ground Stilts Treforest
TRST030 Ground Stilts Treforest
TRSU013 Ground Students' Union Treforest
TRSU107 First Students' Union Treforest
TRSU207A Second Students' Union Treforest
TRTC012A Ground Ty Crawshay Treforest
TRTC029 Ground Ty Crawshay Treforest
TRTC126 First Ty Crawshay Treforest
TRTC208 Second Ty Crawshay Treforest
TRW006 Ground Wenvoe Treforest
TRW017 Ground Wenvoe Treforest
TRW023 Ground Wenvoe Treforest
TRW102 First Wenvoe Treforest
WPEH014 Ground Endeavour House William Price Business Park, Treforest
WPIH116 First Innovation House William Price Business Park, Treforest
WPPH109 First Prospect House William Price Business Park, Treforest