Pavilion, USW Sport Park

CF37 5UP

Campus accessibility: the USW Sport Park campus is entirely flat and fully accessible.

Ground Floor
Name Room type 360° Photo Capacity
SPP008 Office
SPP009 Unisex Toilet
SPP011 Women's Toilet
SPP012 Women's Toilet
SPP015 Equipment Store
SPP016 Female Changing No.4 — Female Changing Room
SPP017 Female Referee's Changing Room — Sports Official Changing Room
SPP018 Female Changing No.3 — Female Changing Room
SPP019 Female Changing No.2 — Female Changing Room
SPP020 Female Changing No.1 — Female Changing Room
SPP021 Office
SPP023 Vending Machine Area
SPP024 Cleaners' Room
SPP025 Men's Toilet
SPP026 Male Changing No.1 — Male Changing Room
SPP027 Male Changing No.2 — Male Changing Room
SPP028 Male Changing No.3 — Male Changing Room
SPP029 Male Changing No.4 — Male Changing Room
SPP030 Male Changing No.5 — Male Changing Room
SPP032 All bookings for ATP & 3G pitches — Male Changing Room
SPP033 Men's Toilet
SPP034 Men's Toilet
SPP035 Mess Room
SPP036 Male Staff Changing Room
SPP037 Male Referee's Changing Room — Sports Official Changing Room
SPP038 First Aid Room
SPP039 Cleaners' Room
SPP040 Male Changing No.10 — Male Changing Room
SPP041 Male Changing No.9 — Male Changing Room
SPP042 Male Changing No.8 — Male Changing Room
SPP043 Male Changing No.7 — Male Changing Room
SPP044 Male Changing No.6 — Male Changing Room
SPP046 Electrical Cupboard
SPP047 Boiler Room
SPP048 Laundry
SPP049 Fertilizer Store
SPP050 Equipment Store
SPP051 Equipment Store
SPP052 Equipment Store
First Floor
Name Room type 360° Photo Capacity
SPP101 Office
SPP102 Office
SPP103 Office
SPP104 Kitchen