Sports Centre, USW Sport Park

CF37 5UP

Campus accessibility: the USW Sport Park campus is entirely flat and fully accessible.

Ground Floor
Name Room type 360° Photo Capacity
SPSC001 Social Meeting Space
SPSC002 Office
SPSC003 Office
SPSC004 Cleaners' Room
SPSC005 Kitchen
SPSC006 Male Staff Changing Room
SPSC007 Academic Staff Changing Room & Sports Official Changing Room
SPSC008 First Aid Room
SPSC010 First Aid Room
SPSC011 Female Changing Room
SPSC012 Women's Toilet
SPSC013 Disabled Toilet
SPSC014 Men's Toilet
SPSC015 Male Changing Room
SPSC016 Disabled Changing Room
SPSC017 Equipment Store
SPSC018 Plant Room
SPSC019 Equipment Store
SPSC020 Sports Hall 50
SPSC021 Strength and Conditioning Suite 30
SPSC021A Office
SPSC021B Equipment Store
SPSC022 Dry Riser
SPSC023 Sports Barn — 4G Artificial Sports Pitch 50
SPSC024 Treatment Room
SPSC025 Groundsman's Room — Office
SPSC026 Women's Toilet
SPSC027 Changing Room
SPSC028 Cleaners' Room
SPSC029 Equipment Store
SPSC030 Disabled Toilet
SPSC031 Shower Room
SPSC032 Changing Room
SPSC033 Changing Room Buffer
SPSC034 Men's Toilet
SPSC035 First Aid Room
SPSC036 Sports Therapist Room
SPSC037 Laundry
SPSC038 Staff Room
SPSC039 Plant Room
SPSC040 Comms Room
SPSC041 Sports Official Changing Room
SPSC042 Sports Official Changing Room
SPSC043 Sports Official Changing Room
SPSC044 Changing Room
SPSC045 Changing Room
SPSC050 Equipment Store
SPSC051 Plant Room