Newport City campus

Touch or rollover the buildings in the map below to explore the Newport City campus. Alternatively, a full list of buildings and car parks can be found below.

Building Room Number Code(s)
City Campus CC

Non-USW buildings

These buildings on the Newport City campus are neither owned nor operated by USW. Occasionally, all, or some, of a building is hired for specific events.

Building Room Number Code(s)
The Riverfront RF

Car parking

Please be aware that parking space is limited on this campus. Even if parking is available on this campus, we cannot guarantee that there will be space available for you.

Some of these car parks are run by external companies independently of USW, though they may offer preferential deals for students and staff.

Car Park Operator Standard spaces Disabled spaces Restrictions Parking type
City Campus Visitor & Disabled USW 9 6 Visitor and Disabled
Friars Walk Friars Walk 330 20 Commercial
Kingsway Centre Kingsway Centre 1050 33 Commercial