City Campus, Newport City

NP20 2BP

Campus accessibility: the Newport City campus is entirely flat and fully accessible.

Floor A
Name Room type 360° Photo Capacity
NCCCA01 Lobby 50
NCCCA02 Kitchen
NCCCA02A Kitchen
NCCCA02B Café @ City — Café
NCCCA02C Office
NCCCA03 Disabled Toilet
NCCCA04 Men's Toilet
NCCCA05 First Aid Room
NCCCA06 Shower Room
NCCCA06A Shower Room
NCCCA06B Shower Room
NCCCA06C Shower Room
NCCCA07 Women's Toilet
NCCCA08 Disabled Toilet
NCCCA09 Lecture Theatre 106
NCCCA10 Lecture Theatre 136
NCCCA11 Reception
NCCCA11A Office
NCCCA11B Security Office
NCCCA12 Equipment Store
NCCCA13 Plant Room
NCCCA14 Equipment Store
NCCCA14A USW Exchange Boardroom (Newport) — Boardroom
NCCCA14B USW Exchange Reception (Newport) — Reception
NCCCA14C USW Exchange Meeting Room (Newport) — Meeting Room
NCCCA15 Lecture Theatre 186
NCCCA16 Lecture Theatre 141
NCCCA17 Performing Arts Studio 50
NCCCA18 Green Room & Teaching Room
NCCCA19 Male Changing Room
NCCCA19A Shower Room
NCCCA20 Female Changing Room
NCCCA20A Shower Room
NCCCA21 USW Therapy Clinic Reception — Reception 2
NCCCA22 Music Therapy Room 1 — Music Therapy Room 15
NCCCA22A Lobby
NCCCA23 Music Therapy Room 2 — Music Therapy Room 20
NCCCA23A Server Room
NCCCA24 Family & Play Therapy Room 20
NCCCA24A Equipment Store
NCCCA25 Counselling Room 1 — Counselling Room 4
NCCCA25A Counselling Room 2 — Counselling Room 4
NCCCA25B Counselling Room 3 — Counselling Room 4
NCCCA25C Counselling Room 4 — Counselling Room 4
NCCCA25D Counselling Room 5 — Counselling Room 4
NCCCA26 Workshop
NCCCA27 Post Room
NCCCA27A Equipment Store
NCCCA28 Cleaners' Room
NCCCA29 Collaborative Teaching Room 60
NCCCA30A Equipment Store
NCCCA31A Equipment Store
NCCCA32 Collaborative Teaching Room 60
NCCCA33 Equipment Store
NCCCA34 Server Room
NCCCA35 Plant Room
NCCCA36 Plant Room
NCCCA36A Plant Room
NCCCA37 Equipment Store
NCCCA38 Equipment Store
Floor D
Name Room type 360° Photo Capacity
NCCCD01 Teaching Room 37
NCCCD02 Early Years Planning and Resource Preparation Area — Resource Room
NCCCD03 Teaching Room 48
NCCCD03A Office
NCCCD03B Equipment Store
NCCCD04 Women's Toilet
NCCCD05 Cleaners' Room
NCCCD06 Equipment Store
NCCCD07 Equipment Store
NCCCD08 Social Learning Space
NCCCD09 Cyber Security Lab
NCCCD10 Cyber Security Lab
NCCCD13 Social Learning Space
NCCCD14 Electrical Cupboard
NCCCD15 Comms Room
NCCCD16 Disabled Toilet
NCCCD17 Men's Toilet
NCCCD18 Equipment Store
NCCCD19 Chaplaincy Prayer and Reflection Room
NCCCD19A Shower Room
NCCCD19B Shower Room
NCCCD20 Teaching Room 30
NCCCD21 Equipment Store
NCCCD22 Primary School Classroom 27
NCCCD23 Teacher Training Science Lab 21
NCCCD23A Office
NCCCD23B Equipment Store
NCCCD23C Equipment Store
NCCCD24 Teaching Room 26
NCCCD24A Equipment Store
NCCCD25 Teacher Training — Social Learning Space 20
NCCCD26 Reception & Print room
NCCCD26A Meeting Room 4
NCCCD26B Meeting Room 4
NCCCD27 Office
NCCCD27A Meeting Room 3
NCCCD27B Office & Meeting Room
NCCCD27C Meeting Room 12
NCCCD27D Office
NCCCD27E Print room
NCCCD27F Kitchen
NCCCD27G Equipment Store
NCCCD27H Equipment Store
NCCCD27I Equipment Store
NCCCD27J Room 4
NCCCD28 Print room
NCCCD28A Room 4